5 ways any Gym can offer value and retain Members

Gym Member retention is a constant problem for gyms. When you meet your membership goals and feel like you have had a steady stream of new members, you are always worrying about retaining your existing clientele. I’m sure that you know the maths around acquiring a new customer versus retaining your existing ones. If you are not, I’ll tell you now. It’s expensive.

Customer satisfaction is the main motivator for keeping your members in your gym so read our top tips on how you can keep them satisfied.   


Typically, the people who are using your gym are local to the area. They live in the area, they might even work in the area, the point is that attending your gym is convenient for their lifestyle as they don’t have to travel far and wide to incorporate their fitness goals into their week. So it seems only natural that you would partner with local companies to leverage each other’s network and build a sense of community for your members.


Stock standard, one size fits all, cookie cutter approaches do not work today, especially for your members. We live in a highly personalised world and your members expect the same response from their fitness experiences. While some members are happy to come into your gym and be left to their own devices, others would opt for group training. Having a variety of different offerings and services available to your clients, as well as pricing which is suited to more than one budget. 



This may seem counterintuitive to offer value adds to your long-term memberships at a discounted rate, or even for free, but, there is a method to this madness. You might be thinking, my long-term members are the guaranteed income, but your long-term members can also be your advocates. Rewarding them for their loyalty with incentives will have them raving to their family, friends and work colleagues. As well as motivating them to keep up their good work.


Offering classes to your members where you step away from the brick and mortar of your gym and into their space is becoming increasingly popular. People are getting busier and busier and this means they stop prioritizing the things that might have once really mattered to them, like going to the gym. Think about offering a class to your clients, such as professionals where you go to their workplace, or a personal training session that you can have in a clients backyard. Or even putting your services online and doing a training session which you can stream.


One thing that is going from strength to strength is the use of user-friendly technology. Most people are going the tech way. Investing in your own gym app or gym software for your business can be a great investment to market yourself and also make your services much convenient to people. Identify what your clients are looking for and offer it in your own software. Make sure you contact the Konnect Apps team if you have any questions. 

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