Over 70% of Mobile App users prefer ordering online and are comfortable paying via their smartphone. Restaurants with  a Food Ordering App, see them as a great tool to help boost business as well and increase your customer’s experience.

8 reasons your business needs a food ordering app

Here are 8 reasons why your business needs a Food Ordering Apps!


1. Customers spend more when using online & mobile apps

Mobile Apps allow your customers to order and purchase whenever and wherever they want. For this reason the customer has more time to select and order exactly what they want. Often customers feel pressured into decisions when in store. Online, your customers will be able to purchase all of their desired products and not forget about something important!


2. Customers are already using restaurant ordering apps

Mobile ordering isn’t a new idea. Over 70% of App users are happy purchasing online and over 40% of customers have already placed a food order online. What does this mean for you? It means that it will be really easy to get your customers online. With a helping hand from the Konnect team, we will have you making money in no time!


3. It keeps your business fresh

A mobile App will keep your business fresh and modern. No longer are people going to websites or google. We are in a mobile age where people want instant results. Take away the hassle of online searches and keep your customers feeling fresh!


4. Your competitors may already be ahead of you

It’s you or them. A large amount of businesses have already joined the Mobile revolution and if you don’t join soon you may see your business slowly falling behind. Worse, your customers might be joining some of your competitors!


5. You can share information and generate business

Nearly 40% of customers report that they’d like to get an email each day from a favourite restaurant detailing the specials of the day. However, an App takes that stat to new levels of customer engagement. Forget an email, how about an instant message directly into their pocket? App messages allow you to instantly advertise special offers, deals and much more!! Notifications have a 97% read rate!


6. Mobile orders boost return business

Customers who have an enjoyable and easy online ordering experience are likely to do it again. Especially if you save their past orders and let them re-order at the touch of a button! Apps offer amazing personal features which allow your users to feel special and allow for a super easy ordering process.


7. Mobile orders can become a significant percentage of your business

Ordering via your phone is so easy! Why not drive all of your users through your new App and leverage your time. No need to answer the phone or serve customers face to face. App ordering means you can leverage your time and maximise your bottom line.


8. You’ll make more money! 

It’s easier, it’s faster and it’s popular!! Your business will simply make more money!

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