Build a Brand Persona before your Buyer Persona

Build a Brand Persona before your Buyer Persona

First of all, what is a brand persona? The day of mass communication and targeting the entirety of the marketplace is over. Technology gives the modern day marketer a clearer understanding of what is actually taking place during the buyer decision process. There is no need to guesstimate anymore and cast your net hoping you will catch a bite. The introduction of analytics and marketing technology has revolutionised not only how buyers shop but how marketers can make shoppers buy.

Build a Brand Persona before your Buyer Persona

Several years ago the concept of a buyer persona began floating around and was all the buzz with B2B business models. These buyer personas would detail your most likely customers who your business would come into contact with. A business would often have a handful of buyer personas in which the majority of your customer could be allocated to. The buyer personas can give your brand a more in-depth understanding of how to target your customers, through the tone of voice they will respond to, imagery that resonates with them, the channels that they are most likely to be found on, etc. And while these things are all very well and good as they give you a clearer understanding of how your brand should react to attract these customers, they do not give your brand itself direction.

Cue, Brand Persona. There definitely is a lot of confusion in the marketplace as to where a brand should start and the actual benefits that go along with it. If you are struggling to find the yellow brick road, then determining your Brand Persona is a good way to start.

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What is a Brand Persona?

Your brand is your intangible asset which differentiates your products/ services from the of customers. Everyone understands what a powerhouse brand is compared to the mediocre.

Now, do not confuse a persona with a personality. If you would like to think of it in this way, think that your brand personality belongs to your brand persona. Your brand persona is a fictional character that represents all users or buyer types that might interact with the brand.


How to create your Brand Persona?

If you already have buyer personas, good! Determine the common features in your buyer personas and use those in your brand persona. If not, use this framework to develop your own brand persona:

  • Persona Name
  • Career path or professional background
  • Typical age, hobbies and whether they live in urban, suburban or rural areas
  • Goals – what they’re looking to achieve in their role
  • Challenges – what hurdles are they trying to jump
  • Real quotes – what they say about their challenges
  • How we can help them overcome their goals and challenges
  • What their common objections are during the sales process – in their own words
  • Their role in the buying decision
  • Communications preferences, and where they go for information
  • Marketing message – what kind of messages do they need to hear from us
  • Real quotes – what sales objections you hear from them

Now deepen your brand persona, add in their personality and how they would react to different situations, how they would overcome certain obstacles. Think about powerhouse brands and what they’re brand persona would look like.

A useful website that I have used on occasion for clients is:


Now, what do you do with your Brand Persona?

Once you have started to map your Brand Persona and really understand the fundamentals and minor details can you apply this route to your branding? Now that you better understand your customers, what they will respond to and on which channels you can really start to showcase your powerhouse brand.


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