Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Often Small Businesses have many factors working against them. Not only are you competing with big businesses who dominate the market, with their big budgets and devil may care attitude. But you are also competing with other Small Businesses for your share of the pie. So what can you do differently? Perhaps you have heard the term Guerrilla Marketing, perhaps not? If you are willing and are feeling creative, this modern phenomenon could be a marketing tactic to include in your strategy. If executed correctly, Guerrilla Marketing can generate visibility without needing to spend all your coins. 

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Guerrilla Marketing

This is an advertising concept designed for businesses to promote their products/ services in an unconventional way. Guerrilla Marketing is appealing to Small Businesses as it often does not require a huge budget to back it up. Instead, it just requires high energy and imagination. Often a kind of publicity stunt to increase brand visibility, Guerrilla Marketing goes against the grain of traditional marketing with the focus of grabbing the audience’s attention at a memorable level. And this is why Guerrilla Marketing is so appealing to marketers, it is different, it is loud, it is in your face if done correctly.



The first question you need to ask before you invest your time into Guerrilla Marketing is, is it actually suited to my business model? There is no illusion that the major trade-off for this marketing tactic is a high time investment. So before you begin to plan, ask yourself if you can see your business benefiting from this creative outlet? Again, as mentioned in How to be an Expert in Small Business Marketing, the first stage of any marketing strategy is knowing your business inside and out. Know your product or service, know your customers and know your direction. It is also important to consider that the results of Guerrilla Marketing can be difficult for you to measure and therefore determine the success of the tactic. This is due to the unpredictable nature of Guerrilla strategies compared to for example digital marketing.


Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


But here’s why you should do it anyway!

Guerrilla Marketing is special and if you believe that it is suitable for your business, you should definitely implement it!  Take a look at the following Guerrilla Marketing Ideas:



Guerrilla Marketing is definitely a distinctive point of difference from your competition. If you are inspired and imaginative then Guerrilla Marketing can give you an edge in the marketplace and even help you break into the industry.


Non ‘Traditional’ Marketing

People can become suspicious of some forms of Traditional Marketing. Your audience begins to zone out when they start to hear a sales pitch and if you are a Small Business this is not the reaction that you are looking for. Guerrilla Marketing is looking to engage with the audience and promote your brand without directly selling.



Guerrilla Marketing gives your brand a platform for creative liberty. Traditional Marketing you can be restricted by a time frame, an ad dimension, a restrictive medium. With Guerrilla Marketing your only limit is your own imagination. Take the time to brainstorm and really think about how to showcase your brand in all its true colors.


Potential to go VIRAL

Yes, we hear you, go big or go home. Of course, the biggest question mark hanging over Guerrilla Marketing is the potential for your Marketing tactic to go beyond your local environment and even go viral! Getting brand exposure through the power of the internet would be the penultimate for any Guerrilla Marketing campaign. Although, this would not be normal circumstances and would require a great deal of planning, timing, and luck. Stranger things have happened. Viral Marketing would circulate your brand message faster than perhaps advertisement that you pay for in the traditional sense. And this is perhaps one of the biggest allures of the phenomenon.