How to motivate PT clients to turn up

Struggling to motivate your gym clients? Are you beginning to see a pattern of clients who are enthusiastic for a few weeks and then just stop turning up or start making excuses? Whether you are a strength coach, a yoga teacher or a swimming instructor you can use these tips to keep your clients motivated and kicking goals in your gym.


Why are they there?

Before you can motivate your gym clients, you need to know what motivates them to get a personal trainer in the first place. Is it someone to teach them the right techniques, tell them when to eat and when to sleep to get the best results?

The motivation to keep training does not come equally to all of us, so finding out why your client has sought to find a personal trainer in the first place will give you an understanding of how you can help them achieve their goals.


Provide a Personalised Experience

This is simple, what are your client’s actual goals? Be it more strength, bigger muscles, greater flexibility, better fitness or weight loss. These reasons should be at the forefront of everything you work on together. Everybody has a different body type so the cookie cutter approach to achieving your client’s fitness goals does not cut it. Don’t treat your clients like another pay check, if you want them to keep coming back then you need to show them you know what they want and how to get there.

Providing your clients with a personalised plan which accounts for their goals and personality type (for example are they someone who needs lots of motivation or someone who doesn’t need to be told twice) will enhance those interactions in the gym. Spend time getting to know your clients beyond the information that you have in front of you and take that into account when you are tailoring their experience with yourself and your gym.

Find out what motivates them

Don’t assume that all your clients have the same outlook and are in the gym for the same reasons. Every client has their own reasons, their own vision, and their own personal focus. Isn’t that what makes the profession so interesting? Your role in their story is to design their fitness plan and help them reach their goals. So when you are wondering how to motivate your gym clients, first find out what motivates them in the first place.

We all know the saying, no pain, no gain. For some people, pain is not fun, pain puts people off and stops them from coming to your training sessions. So, what can do to keep them in your gym? Distract them! Inject some fun into your routine, be a friend, be contagiously positive, make it a game. Find out what motivates them and do more of that.


Master the process, see the results

They say it takes 20 days to make a habit, but in reality, it takes more than just time to kickstart a new lifestyle. Demotivation can happen when the client finds themselves becoming too focused on seeing the results, and not on the actual process. People can get fixated on seeing results, they lose focus when they are coming quick enough. One bad training session can mean that they won’t turn up for the next one.

Instead of placing a heavy emphasis on results such as losing 5 kilos in two weeks, instead, focus on the day by day process. Give them the right tools, techniques, and mindset to accomplish their goals.



Introducing an app or some control management software into your gym does not have to be complicated or cost you an arm and a leg. There are tools out there which can bolster your clients engagement. The ability to track the more vanity metrics of their journey such as muscle gain, weight loss provides value beyond their sessions with you. Use reminders and messages to remind them of their upcoming training. Provide their nutritional plan, techniques, and progress all on the one system to give them the control over their goals.

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