Small Business Marketing: What is essential and what is excess?

Being in the marketplace as a Small Business can be a daunting experience for beginners. Your time is precious and your funds even more so. You need to juggle your limited resources while attracting new business and caring for your existing clientele. There are a thousand and one different approaches to Marketing. But here are some Small Business Marketing ideas from experience to cut through all the garbage.

Here are a few tips which are outside of the box (not just Social Media jargon and online competitions) for what is essential to get you start in Small Business Marketing and what is excess.


Essential Marketing for Small Business:


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What is the most widely used search engine in the world? If your answer was Facebook, you are wrong. GOOGLE! Is the most used search engine and chances are if someone wants to find information on your business, they are going to be googling it. Launching your own business website is essential. Having a website will not cost you an arm and a leg. Use sites such as WordPress to develop your own website and pay for a white label package for as little as $15 AUD a month.


Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is an amazing concept. Simply, you do not pay a cent for any advertisements which aren’t performing. When a user clicks onto your advertisement embedded in a website, they are linked straight to your brand. And only then will money be deducted from your account. Additionally, you can track your analytics and see where your money is really going.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is making a resurgence in a big way. Chances are, the people on your email list are interested in your business already. Emails are a fantastic way to reach out to your clients and engage them in your brand. Create either a landing page on your website, or ask your clients in person for their email promising the latest offers and information.


Use Templates

Take the initial time to develop a strong template with all your information to be accurate and your branding looking sharp. Free platforms such as Mail Chimp conveniently allow you to save a template to reuse again. This allows you not only keep a consistent brand image, but it saves you valuable time as well.


Recycle your Content

Don’t be afraid to rehash your existing content into a new creation! Chances are there will be people who have not seen your stuff before.


Excess Marketing for Small Businesses:


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There are now over 50 million business Facebook pages, 98% of them have under 300 likes! Think about your own browsing habits on Social Media, do you really engage with every brand you come into contact with via Social networking everyday? I doubt it… Often Social Media is a lot of effort so results that fall way below good intentions. For Small Businesses, Facebook should be the least of your worries unless you see real value in it. For more information, read our Content Marketing Blog.


Traditional Media

Traditional Media, for example Television, Radio and Print is not as effective as it was 10 years ago. People have learnt how to dodge TV adverts, Bluetooth their phone to Spotify and read all the current affairs on their phone. To compensate for this dwindling loss in traction, Traditional Media companies have inflated their prices to near preposterous levels.



I’m going to call them Marketing props, because it is embedded in your brain that they are needed, otherwise you are not a proper business. Things such as Business Cards, gimmicky car door signs, customised pens to give your clients as a thank you gift. These Marketing props are a waste of money and you do not need them. It is 2018, focus on getting your clients emails or putting their number in your phone.

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