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  • Date :25 April, 2018
  • Client :Speedworks Events
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Speedworks Events is an international motorsport organisation. In 2017, the organisation gained the rights to promote their own events which sparked their imagination and had them searching for a viable channel to re-establish their mark on the sport. The organisation realised they were in desperate need of a channel to interact with their audience, both leading up to and at live events.

  • Internation Audience
  • Multiple Locations
  • No TV Coverage
  • Live Timing
  • Online Streaming
  • Multiple Race Classes
  • Online Schedules
  • Audio Feed
  • Video Feed
  • Event Updates
  • Driver Profiles
  • Sponsors and Deals


Getting access to Live TV rights was a long and expensive process. Speedworks Events also did not always have big screens at their venues which caused frustration amongst the audience who could not keep tabs on how races were progressing. Management thought getting a personalised app would be a great start to their take over and create a user friendly experience.


The Process

Before Konnect, Speedworks Events were unable to broadcast their live events. Now, they have a world wide following which has not happened for a long time in New Zealand racing. Once Konnect began working on this project, the Speedworks Events App was live within a couple of months which gave the organisation plenty of time to promote their newest addition. The process was described as seamless, as Konnect was able to communicate with multiple facets within the organisation which allowed management to focus on promoting their upcoming events.



The Speedworks Events app had a fantastic response from the motorsport community, with well over 2000 international active users in the first year and over 23,000 opens during the season. Speedworks Events is proud to have delivered an intuitive user experience in promoting the NZ Premier Motorsport Championship.

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