6 ways to grow your email marketing database

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Email is not dead. Email is a strong tool to use when both searching for new customers, communicating with your existing clientele and importantly making sales. The business owners resources are finite. Enterprises need to use tools which are time efficient while delivering genuine results.

And what makes Email Marketing so successful? Well, it’s a phenomenon which Mass Marketing created for itself. In a marketplace with so much noise, customers are learning to block it out. Now, consumers scroll pass all the advertisement on Social Media. They fast-forward the ads on the television. People use Bluetooth to connect their phone to their car so they don’t have to listen to a radio advertisement. What your customers are really looking for is a personal connection with their brand. That is where Email Marketing comes in.

If you are not convinced then here are a few stats on Email Marketing in 2018. In 2017, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase via an email campaign. Staggeringly, the expected ROI for $1 invested in Email Marketing is $45. 

Take a look at our Email Marketing Tips:


Grow your Email Marketing List

It is no surprise that the driving force behind any great Email Marketing strategy is an ever-increasing Email Marketing List. Growing your email marketing list is a process which will take its time, but the results will be worth the initial hard work.


Make it as Easy as Humanly Possible to Register

I’m sure you have heard that little marketing term floating around called Omni-Channel Retail. Basically, Omni-Channel is a technique which focuses on delivery the retail experience in a way which is as easy for the end customer as possible. So how does a company achieve that? Well, they give their customers options. Growing your email marketing list should be no different. Give your customer as many options, in as many ways to give you their email for promotional purposes. Create a landing page asking for their detail in exchange for an offer or discount. If they purchase something through an online store, ask for their email and have an option to register and receive material from your brand. You can even ask for your customer’s email in-store. Possibly after they have received a service from you, ask for their email.


Let your Customers know what to expect from your Email Marketing

Letting your audience know what to expect is a selling point when trying to register more customers for your email marketing list. If it’s new posts, information, company news, discounts, exclusive access to new products, infographics, coupons! Then let them know!


Be Aggressive with your Branding

Branding is your identity! Use it consistently and correctly each and every time. The execution of your branding is paramount and doesn’t cost you a dime. Read all about our suggestions for Branding through our blog. Email Marketing tools such as Mail Chimp allow you to save templates to use again in the future. This can be a time-efficient way to get your branding perfect the first time and then mass produce in future.


Use the Goldilocks and the Three Bears rule

Not too much, not too little, but just right! Don’t overdo your Email Marketing, and don’t make promises that you fulfill. Don’t start off sending an Email to your audience every day only for this to slowly eventuate to nothing. Start how you wish to continue. Don’t walk before you can run. Start slow and build speed not the other way around.


Monitor your Results and Take Action

Perhaps most importantly. Email Marketing can give you insights into your customers. Monitor how each campaign performed and make subtle changes to replicate a great result each time.