It was my final year of High School when I had my first ‘big’ App idea. The concept was to transform the hospitality industry and help consumers get access to the best food, deals, offers and so much more…Now as a High School student who was working part-time, I had one big issue…Time.

I had little knowledge on how to develop an App and almost no time to actually figure it out. So I went out to find someone to help me turn my idea into a reality. I didn’t really know if it was possible and the advice I got from the so-called ‘tech experts’ made the whole thing sound extremely complicated. I eventually found someone who was willing to help BUT they wanted a check of $80k…

Clearly, this wasn’t going to happen and I left the idea to simmer in the back of my head. Eventually, I decided to commit whatever time I had to learn and develop the App myself. Not only was this complicated, stressful and tiring; it also took 20x longer than I expected. Fast forward almost 24 months and the first version of the ‘Konnect App’ was released.

An App to help Restaurants and Cafes generate more business through offers, promotions and table bookings. Although the App was reasonably successful, we soon realized that businesses didn’t want to associate themselves with ‘Konnect’ but also didn’t want to fork out thousands of dollars to create their own App.

So over the past 12 months, we have developed our very own online platform where Hospitality businesses can leverage all the benefits of their own branded online ordering App, without the complicated tech stuff and ballooned pricing.

Learning from my own experience I knew that our platform had to be fast, simple and affordable.

We think we’ve ticked all these boxes and you can learn more about the platform here: